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Last Updated: 11/23/2009 4:49 PM

The “Light Red” flavor of Cascal is a very enjoyable product, especially if you’re seeking something that has a naturally light flavor profile. There’s no sugar added in this product, but it still has some sweetness, thanks to added juice (19 percent). The fruit flavors are dry, but have a subtle tartness to them, thanks to notes of currant and pomegranate, as well as apple. What’s also unique about this product is the slightly fermented flavor (thanks to a “dual-stage slow malt fermentation” there’s no alcohol), which also adds a slight note of fermented flavor and a secondary flavor that’s reminiscent of barley malt syrup. This pairs surprisingly well with the lightly carbonated fruit flavored base, making for a smooth and balanced tasting experience. It also does, as promised, pair well with food. On the outside, they’ve given the product a look that is definitely not a run of the mill premium CSD. The design of the label has a European vibe to it, which was clearly intended, but it’s definitely in need of some visual refinement. Mostly, we’d like to see the name made easier to read as in its current form, it blends in to the background image a bit. Otherwise, we are somewhat surprised that the brand didn’t call out the use of pomegranate, which is unquestionably way more marketable than “mirabelle.” Overall, a very unique and enjoyable product whose biggest area for refinement is in its presentation.


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