Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular

Dad's Old Fashioned Beverages: Creamy Red Soda
Dad's Old Fashioned Beverages: Blue Cream
Dandelion & Burdock: Dandelion & Burdock
Dr. Brown's Sodas: Draft Style Root Beer
Dr. Brown's Sodas: Cel-Ray Soda
Dr. Brown's Sodas: Orange Soda
Dr. Brown's Sodas: Original Cream Soda
Dr. Brown's Sodas: Black Cherry Soda
Dr. Brown's Sodas: Extra Dry Ginger Ale
Drinks That Work: Forza: Sustainable Energy
Drinks That Work: Luna: Delicious Sleep
Drinks That Work: Kava: Root of Peace
Fanta: Orange Soda
Fitz's Draft Sodas: Premium Root Beer
Fitz's Draft Sodas: Premium Cream Soda
Fitz's Draft Sodas: Orange Pop
Fitz's Draft Sodas: Grape Pop
Fitz's Draft Sodas: Ginger Ale
Fizzies: Buzz 'N Berry
Fizzies: Rock 'N Root Beer
Fizzies: Groov 'N Grape
Fizzies: Ooz 'N Orange
Fizzies: Pop'N Punch
Fizzies: Chug 'N Cherry
Ginger People Ginger Beer: Ginger People Ginger Beer
Goose Island: Root Beer
Green River: Green River
Guaraná Brazilia: Guaraná Brazilia
Hank's Premium Sodas: Orange Cream
Hank's Premium Sodas: Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer
Hank's Premium Sodas: Wishniak Black Cherry Soda
Hank's Premium Sodas: Vanilla Cream Soda
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Vanilla Creme Soda
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Sarsaparilla Soda
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Ginger Beer Soda
Hansen's Signature Sodas: Orange Creme Soda
Henry Weinhard's: Henry Weinhard's Root Beer
Henry Weinhard's: Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream
Iron Horse Sodas: Cream Soda
Iron Horse Sodas: Black Cherry Soda
Iron Horse Sodas: Root Beer
Jack Black Sodas: Blue Cream Soda
Jack Black Sodas: Blood Red Cola
Jack Black Sodas: Orange Stash
Jack Black Sodas: Dead Red Cola
Jolt Energy: Jolt Cola
Jones Soda: Strawberry Lime Soda
Jones Soda: Cream Soda
Jones Soda: Green Apple Soda
Jones Soda: Fufu Berry Soda
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