Functional: Relaxation Drink

Zenify: Zenify
Easy2Sleep: Citrus
GOOD4U: Relaxation
Rockstar Relax: Rockstar Relax
bcalm: bcalm
MiniChill: Natural Berry
Escape to Sleep: Sleep Shot
Just Chill: Rio Berry
Just Chill: Jamaican Citrus
Relax and Sleep: Lemon Drop
Open1: Mango Papaya
Open1: Cranberry Dragonfruit
LANILAI Relaxation Drink: Lanilai Maui Mango Passion
Easy2Live: Easy2Relax
Taki Mai: Coconut
Let It Fly Energy: Honey Lemon
Let It Fly Energy: Mint
Let It Fly Energy: Mixed Berry
OrganicMe: CalmMe
OrganicMe: SleepMe
Ameeno DNA: Unwind
reBloom: reBloom
Chill Shot: Kush Berry
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