Juice: Smoothie

Fresh Samantha: Banana Strawberry Smoothie
Mistic Italian Ice Smoothies: Tutti Frutti
Mistic Italian Ice Smoothies: Cherry Ice
Mistic Italian Ice Smoothies: Lemon Ice
Mistic Italian Ice Smoothies: Blue Raspberry
Naked Juice: Green Machine
Naked Juice: Protein Zone
Naked Juice: Well Being
Naked Juice: Strawberry Banana-C
Odwalla: Citrus C Monster
Odwalla: Mango Tango
Odwalla: MO' Beta
Odwalla: Superfood
Odwalla Future Shake: Dutch Chocolate
Rocket Juice: Cranberry Echinacea
Rocket Juice: Strawberry Shield
Smoothie Boost: The Defender
Smoothie Boost: Mango Island Calm
Smoothie Boost: Jump'n Ginseng Wild Berry
Whipper Snappler Fruit Smoothies: Peach Mango
Whipper Snappler Fruit Smoothies: Strawberry Banana
Whipper Snappler Fruit Smoothies: Orange Dream
Whipper Snappler Fruit Smoothies: Pineapple Orange
Whipper Snappler Fruit Smoothies: Winter Whipper
Odwalla: Summertime Lime Quencher
Jammin' Nectars: Razz-Ade
Jammin' Nectars: Mambo Mango
Jammin' Nectars: C-Beta Carrot
Groover Smoothie: Pineapple + Coconut
Groover Smoothie: Cranberry + Orange
Smoothie Smile: Pineapple & Coconut
Smoothie Smile: Blueberry & Raspberry
Smoothie Smile: Mango & Orange
Gotta Juice: Red Bliss
Gotta Juice: Amber Garden
Gotta Juice: Green Garden
Gotta Juice: Carrot Joy
Snapple-a-Day: Peach
Snapple-a-Day: Strawberry Banana
Snapple-a-Day: Tropical Blend
Odwalla: Strawberry C Monster
Odwalla: Blueberry B Monster
Odwalla: Strawberry Banana
Odwalla: Super Protein 2003
Jammin' Nectars: Pure Passion
Naked Juice: Tangerine Scream
Naked Juice: Just Carrot
Naked Juice: Just O-J
Naked Juice: Power-C
Naked Juice: Just Apple
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