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Black Pepper

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Last Updated: 11/7/2011 10:21 AM

While Black Pepper is far from a flavor that will lure drinkers in to any beverage, it’s a flavor that works surprisingly well as a flavoring for Caveman Foods’ USDA organic kefir. Plus, it’s a pretty original approach to flavoring a functional beverage (we’re used to superfruit flavorings...). The product isn’t spicy, but the distinct flavor of black pepper is easily distinguishable from the mix. It seems to add a nice contrast to the fermented base of the drink, while also helping to temper the sweetness of the product. To that end, the product has a very sophisticated and complex feel -- and having 40 calories per bottle isn’t so bad either. Their choice of packaging is a 10 oz. glass bottle, which gives it the look of a carbonated beverage (which is as a result of the fermentation). While we like the clear label, the execution of the design could be improved upon, with the right side of the front panel feeling like a rush job that doesn’t go with the distressed look of the Caveman logo. Otherwise, the product has a minimalist appearance, which is definitely a fit for what’s inside the bottle. Overall, an innovative and enjoyable product.


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10 oz Glass

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40 kcal, 10 g carbohydrate, 5 g sugar


Caveman Foods water kefir (a ferment of water, turbinado sugar*, raisins*, and tibicos culture), black peppercorns*. *organic ingredient

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