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Last Updated: 5/27/2010 4:24 PM

The Pomelo Citrus variety of Celestial Seasonings Kombucha Energy line is a kombucha product that feels extremely well executed. For starters, this is probably the best tasting kombucha product that we've had to date. Compared with other raw kombucha products, this one has a very pleasant flavor, starting with a heavy orange juice undertone (which is an ingredient in the product). The added kombucha is strong, but not too strong, with the combined flavor profile reminiscent of a cocktail (think mimosa). For having only 80 calories per 16 oz. bottle, the product delivers a ton of flavor and a crisp finish. Aside from the raw kombucha probiotic content, they've added B vitamins, ginseng, and acidic content for the purpose of enhancing and maintaining vitality. While it's hard to compare the efficacy of this product to the competitions', the overall experience is definitely more mainstream than some of the other kombucha varieties that we've sampled. On the outside, we like what they've done, with the product having a very authentic and approachable feeling to it. Applying the Celestial Seasonings brand with a sticker near the bottleneck allows the company's existing brand equity to be leveraged without making the front panel look too cluttered. The lower portion of the label has a whimsical but clean vibe, which makes the product feel legit. The orange liquid definitely whets the palate, which is something that we can't say about every kombucha product that we've tested. Overall, a very impressive and enjoyable product.


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