Century Energy Drink

by Century Health Systems

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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Century Health Systems was formed by International Cricket Star Chris Gayle & Partners to build a brand that is all about Excellence and Enjoyment. Our First release is Century Energy Drink: a sweet Pineapple Energy Drink that is Lightly Carbonated in a 16oz Can that will amaze all Energy Drink lovers! With a Caffeine, Guarana, Yerba Mate and Taurine combination, Century Energy Drink provides a great kick along with a very new Flavor in the Energy Drink segment, with what we think is the first Pineapple Energy Drink to hit the World Market! We could go on about how great our drink tastes and why we are the Hottest kids on the block - but everyone says that (and hardly anyone backs it up) So we will say this - Drink it and if you don't like it, rip your taste buds out because they're useless to you!

Our drink was formulated to give people a nice fizz on the tongue as the sweet pineapple taste goes past the taste buds and the Energy buzz takes hold (without the normal Energy Drink Taste or Aftertaste for that matter) In a bright Green and Yellow Can with our cool Horizontal Logo prominently displayed, the Century Energy Drink packaging really stands out in the Fridge so grab it and slam it down!


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