Champion Lyte

by Champion Lyte Beverage Inc.

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Champion Lyte

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

ChampionLyte is a great-tasting isotonic beverage. Isotonic beverages - also called sports beverages - replace essential fluids and electrolytes in the body after exercise. The big difference between ChampionLyte and other sports beverages is that it tastes fantastic, and - it contains NO SUGAR, NO CALORIES, and NO CARBOHYDRATES! Most other sports beverages contain over 30 grams of sugar. To your body, that's like adding 30 spoonfuls of sugar - plus lots of calories!

ChampionLyte replaces the fluids and electrolytes your body needs without adding sugar, calories, carbohydrates, or sorbitol. The sweetness you taste in ChampionLyte comes from a natural cousin to sugar, called sucralose. It has all the flavor of sugar without the calories.

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