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Last Updated: 6/10/2013 3:06 PM

Marketed as a “natural energy beverage,” Chasing Rabbits is an energy drink made with coconut water and mango and citrus flavorings. From a taste perspective, this mid-calorie product tastes closer to a diet energy drink than a full calorie product, with the noticeable flavors of monk fruit and stevia at the finish. Otherwise, the product tastes like a mixture of an energy drink and a coconut water, which is likely what the company was attempting to achieve. To that end, it’s good, but not great, with the underlying energy drink flavor being the weak link. On the outside, we think there’s a missed opportunity here. Both the branding and the execution of the design leave something to be desired, starting with the seemingly random name that is “Chasing Rabbits.” While there’s probably some way to turn Chasing Rabbits into a good-looking brand, it currently lacks any emotion that a consumer might connect to. Furthermore, employing a professional package designer would certainly take this product further than the current look will. Developing something that looks and feels like something that belongs in the natural channel is probably the product’s biggest opportunity, so focusing in on this would be the right starting point. Overall, we realize this is a first effort, but Chasing Rabbits still feels very much like a work in progress.


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