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Last Updated: 6/23/2010 5:35 PM

Adding whey protein to tart cherry juice is definitely an interesting idea and, in the case of Cheribundi Whey Cherry, a nice tasting product. Featuring not-from-concentrate juice of 45 cherries, this product has a very tart cherry flavor that provides the base of the drink. Added vitamins, whey protein (8g per bottle), and apple juice (as a sweetener) round out the naturally antioxidant rich mix. What's nice about this approach is that the natural tartness of the cherry juice helps mute the flavor of the protein. Plus, it's a marketable benefit that will probably seem a bit more tangible than the benefits of cherry juice. On the outside, we like the playful Cheribundi name and logo, but the gray and white color combo that covers most of the label is extremely difficult to read. In addition, our criticism of the Skinny Cherry variety's lack of flavor description can be echoed on this variety. Overall, we really like the combination of protein and antioxidants and the execution of what's inside the bottle, but the outside could definitely use some refinement.


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