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Of the bunch, this was the most intuitive and best tasting flavor. Why? For starters, with badges that say "35 cherries per bottle," "all-natural 100% juice", and "Natural Fruit," it's pretty clear that the drink is all about providing high quality refreshment. Fortunately, it succeeds quite well on that front, delivering a cherry flavor that tastes like real cherries. That's no surprise given that the drink is made with four simple ingredients, including whole tart cherries (not from concentrate), water, white grape juice, and apple juice. Packaging is a squat 8 oz bottle, which gives the drink a supplement like feeling. The manufacturer points out the drink's antioxidant capacity, but doesn't tell you where the drink stands compared to competing antioxidant laden drinks (you'll have to read their web site or marketing material). Furthermore, the word "Pharm" seems like a dangerous word to use, especially given that the company touts how it uses "whole food" as opposed to mystery supplement ingredients. Overall, extremely enjoyable flavor, but the marketing doesn't seem to line up with what you get inside the bottle.


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Juice: Juice Drink


8 fl oz

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8oz = 1 serving, Calories 140, Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 10mg (0%), Potassium 110mg (3%), Total Carb 33g (11%), Protein 1g


35 Whole Tart Cherries, Water, White Grape and Apple Juice Concentrate

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