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Chia Vie is made with a blend of water, banana puree, apple juice, blueberry puree, and blackberry puree, which have been enhanced with chia seed powder and natural flavor. The flavor that results tastes very much like a fruit smoothie, with banana and berry flavor being the dominant flavors in the mix. The chia adds grit to the body, but doesn’t appear to add any noticeable flavor to the mix. That being said, Chia Vie tastes like your typical fruit smoothie, so it should be palatable to a pretty wide audience. On the other hand, it’s not a drink that, on flavor alone, we could imagine consumers going out of their way for. The nutritional benefits of chia, which include fiber (5g per bottle), vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids (as well as other benefits), are the main selling point of this product and a place where Chia Vie excels compared to traditional smoothie products. Packaging is a 10 oz. aluminum bottle, which has been painted with a whimsical looking design. While the design itself has a polished feeling to it, the color palate looks somewhat drab and easy to miss. Overall, we like the flavor and the nutritional content provided by the added chia seed, but the packaging could be improved so that the product pops off the shelf more.


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