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Last Updated: 7/6/2011 5:03 PM

Made with a base of black and green tea, this product fits the ubiquitous “peach tea” spot that every RTD tea line has. In this case, the base of tea is pretty smooth, with the green tea helping to cut the otherwise heavy flavor that black tea provides. The peach and mango flavors are there, but somewhat restrained, with the peach hitting you on the front and the mango at the finish. The label also mentions the product’s use of honey and ginseng, but those aren’t flavors that are easily distinguishable from the mix. Finally, the product is sweet -- 17g of sugar and 70 calories per serving. On the packaging front, this is definitely the best looking design that we’ve seen from Cintron to date. However, it feels half-done, with the logo visually at odds with the rest of the design. If they can figure out a way to connect these more, then we think they go pretty far with this product.


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Tea: Sweetened


14 oz Glass

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