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Last Updated: 7/6/2011 5:07 PM

Despite the fancy sounding name, Cintron’s Strawberry Hibiscus flavor tastes almost like a raspberry flavored tea. The base of this drink is black tea, not hibiscus, which might mislead consumers who are seeking a caffeine free herbal tea. Plus, the differences in flavor between this variety, Tamarind, and Mandarin Raspberry are too subtle to justify three unique flavors. It would simply be easier – and probably sell more tea – if they just had a really good raspberry variety (or perhaps a tamarind raspberry blend). As it stands right now, this product, while acceptable, isn’t something that would create a loyal consumer base. On the design front, the 14 ounce glass bottle is the best looking bottle that Cintron has done yet, but it still needs work. Specifically, the stock cap and the logo, both of which greatly undermine their hard work creating the reworked brand image. Overall, it’s a good product, but it’s not a standout product.


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