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Last Updated: 7/6/2011 5:07 PM

Toronja, which is grapefruit in Spanish, is the closest thing to black tea with lemon that the Cintron lineup has. Why they didn’t call it that, we don’t know – it doesn’t have grapefruit juice and the flavoring doesn’t taste that much different than lemon flavoring. Otherwise, Toronja is a sugary black tea beverage, which is highly comparable to other products in the space. Packaging is a 14 ounce glass bottle, which has what we’d describe as a washed out retro style. The logo, which has a blackletter font that looks very similar to Corona beer, doesn’t really go with the graphic style of the rest of the bottle. If the logo were different, the product might feel like a more cohesive package. Overall, we like the flavor of the product and the rebranding effort is definitely better than Cintron’s prior efforts, but they need to fully commit to their new look and change the logo.


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Tea: Sweetened


14 oz Glass

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