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Last Updated: 3/19/2009 3:50 PM

Clif Quench “Lime-Ade” is their take on the classic “lemon lime” sports drink. They’ve made it a very drinkable one, delivering a delicate lemon lime flavor that’s sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice (raw sugar) and has just a touch of saltiness to the finish. It’s clear in color and nicely balanced in flavor, resulting in something that is very drinkable and quenching. Packaging is a fully wrapped 16 oz. bottle. Using the Clif logo will undoubtedly catch some eyes, but wrapping the bottle goes against beverage convention of letting consumers see what’s inside the bottle (at least with PET). In addition, like other companies that have attempted to upscale Gatorade, Clif Quench’s packaging is smaller – and we think it could be too small for “sweat” use. Overall, this is a big brand name to go into the sports/organic beverage category and they’ve done it with a very drinkable anchor flavor.


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