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Last Updated: 3/19/2009 3:53 PM

Of the initial Clif Quench flavors, this one is a bit more creative, but only because it’s not truly a traditional sports drink flavor. Strawberry Citrus, which is more or less on par with strawberry kiwi flavoring, is a good flavor, although it lacks authenticity. In any event, the mix of sweet and salt (from the electrolytes) works pretty well as does the drink’s light mouth feel. As a thirst quencher, the product seems on par with competing drinks. Packaging relies heavily on the Clif logo, which is ultimately what will make this product stand out. The big question is whether or not this brand, which has huge power with outdoorsy consumers of nutrition bars, will transfer over to the beverage cooler. Our bet is that it will at least get some buzz – and Clif has a good shot if they are willing to put the effort in.


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