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Pronounced “gwhy-ya-buh," this beverage is made with purified water, guava puree, agave nectar, and natural flavor. The flavor is, despite being one of the higher calorie and carb heavy flavors of the line, quite mellow. The guava flavor is extremely enjoyable and, thanks to the heavy dose of guava puree, natural (it even has that slight grit that guavas have). Since the rebranding, Coba has really tied their aguas frescas line together with their hip yet traditional Mexican themed packaging. The colorful paper label, custom cap and unique proprietary bottle make this product, and brand, stand out on its own. The bottle is a take on a traditional aguas frescas jar which is unique however gives off a “chunky” vibe which may subconsciously allow some consumers to think this is a sugar heavy beverage. The product name still seems like their toughest sell, with the name “Guayaba” (guava in Spanish) making the product sound more complex than it really is. If they called it simply “Guava”, the product would still have a slightly exotic feeling without losing much if anything in terms of authenticity. Otherwise, we wouldn’t change a thing about this product.


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16 oz Glass

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