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Coba’s take on the classic hibiscus based drink is a well-executed one, both in flavor and presentation. Inside the bottle, this product’s hibiscus flavor is natural and enjoyable, while the restrained use of agave as a sweetener makes the product feel lighter in the mouth than some of its much sweeter competition. And with only three ingredients, the product has a very “raw,” natural feeling to it. With 140 calories per 16 oz. bottle, it wouldn’t qualify as a “light” product, but it’s still lighter than many products in the juice category. In any event, this is a solid choice if you are in the mood for a Jamaica as it’s one of the best bottled interpretations that we’ve seen. On the outside, things have changed drastically since we first took a look at this product, starting with the rebranding from Bonadea to Coba. Gone is the minimalist look and in is something that is trying to portray a more authentic appearance. That includes both the name and the colorful artwork, which pull from very traditional and grounded Mexican roots. Plus, they’ve given the product a custom bottle, another nice touch to help personalize the brand. Overall, still one of the best RTD aguas frescas we have ever sampled - now with a distinct branding effort to tie it all together.


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