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Last Updated: 6/1/2011 12:38 PM

Even after the rebranding effort, we still feel that Coba's Mango variety is the one that will have the most mainstream appeal. Like the other flavors in the brand, this product features minimal ingredients (water, mango puree, agave nectar, natural flavor), resulting in something that has a much more natural tasting fruit flavor than your typical juice drink. The flavor of the mango is well executed and enjoyable, with just the right touch of agave sweetness to satisfy the palate. This is still one of the best tasting mango drinks that we’ve had in recent times. However it is a slight indulgence, clocking in at 240 calories per 16 oz. bottle. Overall, this a great example of less being more, allowing the natural flavor of the fruit to shine without too much aid from added flavorings. We still believe this product is a very marketable effort from Coba that can definitely hold its own against anything in the juice category today.


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