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Last Updated: 6/1/2011 12:38 PM

Coba’s Tamarindo flavor is extremely well balanced, with a four-ingredient formulation (water, tamarind, agave nectar, natural flavor) that offers tamarind flavor without overwhelming the palate. The use of agave nectar adds a subtle note of earthy flavor, plus it sweetens the drink to just the right level while maintaining a glycemic index that’s much lower than a sugar sweetened beverage. Ultimately, this is the type of product that has an exotic side to it, but not at the expense of everyday drinkability. Gone in the rebranding effort is the info on the back of the label, which pointed out the benefits of tamarind seeds which may be missed. That being said, we think the overall rebranding of Bonadea to Coba is a strong and insightful move. Similar to the original branding, Coba retains its ethnic authenticity but still feels mainstream and hip, which should continue to catch the eye of a wider audience more than a "native" product. Overall, a superb product which remains one of the best tamarind drinks that we’ve ever tasted.


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