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Coco Cafe

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Coco Café strives for ultimate functionality and is committed to crafting quality. We combined two of the most popular beverage trends today, coffee and coconut water, to both hydrate and caffeinate naturally. Building from our core concept, coconut water infused with espresso, we are creating high-quality, all natural beverages that provide hydration, energy, and nutritional benefit. We at Coco Café plan to offer the conscious consumer a healthier alternative to the typical caffeine infused beverage. Our product offers individuals a unique option, not currently available in the marketplace. Our beverages offer a boost, courtesy of fair trade organic espresso. In an environment where we are making healthier and more conscious choices Coco Café serves the discretionary buyer.

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When the original Coco Cafe variety came out, we were certain that we were witnessing something that...


We’ve had so many “mocha” flavored ready to drink coffee beverages in our day that it would be diffi...

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