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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

CocoKefir™ Young Coconut Kefir restores your body with the healthful benefits of live probiotics and raw nutrients. It has a sweet, delicious taste that children and adults enjoy, is gluten free, dairy free, naturally low in sugar, fat free, and low calorie.

Benefits include:

• Promotes balanced flora in the G.I. tract, improving digestion and immune defense
• Reduces sugar cravings
• Contains valuable nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese
• Increases energy and overall feeling of good health

CocoKefir beverages are powerful fermented foods - raw, unpasteurized with no preservatives. Never diluted with filtered water or flavored with additives, CocoKefir is always made with 100% raw young coconut water (often mistakenly referred to as coconut juice) and/or other organic juice (depending on product).

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