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Last Updated: 4/6/2011 2:13 PM

AriZona’s entry into the coconut water category is a from-concentrate offering that comes packaged in a 14.5 oz. aluminum bottle. As far as flavor goes, it’s on par with other from-concentrate and can-based offerings. The biggest difference is that it lacks the viscous body found in some of the can-based products and is, therefore, much easier to consume. It lists a single ingredient (we’re assuming this means no added sugar) and clocks in at a modest 70 calories per bottle. Like other coconut water products, it’s very hydrating and thirst quenching with natural electrolytes serving as the key functional component. On the packaging front, we give them credit for choosing a package type (and a resealable one at that) that has yet to be used for a coconut water product. However, we’re not convinced that every brand getting into the space should copy the “blue sky beach with a coconut” theme. Also not helping the cause is the lack of a visible AriZona logo on the front panel (it runs vertically on the side and is transparent), which ultimately might give the product a commoditized feeling on the shelf. Still, it looks and feels like a quality product, at least compared to the countless imported can-based products that are flooding the market. Overall, the taste is enjoyable and on par with what’s out there, but the branding, while visually clean, could better utilize the power of the AriZona brand.


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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice


14.5 Oz Can

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