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Last Updated: 6/9/2013 1:48 PM

The Chocolate Chip “Cathy” variety of Cow Wow is definitely our preferred flavor of the two products that we sampled. It tastes like milk that was flavored with miniature chocolate chip cookies (or Cookie Crisp Cereal, since this is supposed to be cereal milk). Whatever it is, the product tastes good and the company's unique approach to flavored milk is quite innovative. Moreover, being made with a USDA Organic-certified formulation and low-fat milk are certainly pluses for the product. Visually, there’s something about this product’s off-kilter branding that is memorable and likeable. Cow Wow is easy to say, playful in its design, and different from other names that we’ve seen on the front of dairy products. However, “Cereal Milk” is something that almost seems extraneous and unnecessary to sell this product. Lastly, the look of the product, which seems somewhat on the right track, could definitely use some polish. Overall, we think Cow Wow has got something here and, with a little refinement, it certainly could be a successful brand.


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Dairy: Flavored Milk


8.5oz tetra pak

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