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Last Updated: 2/25/2009 1:45 PM

Outrageous Orange Mango is still the best flavor of the Crayons lineup. The flavor is sweet and natural tasting, with a citrus undercurrent that is quite thirst quenching. There's a mild hint of pear juice to the finish, but it doesn't impact the overall taste. With bright images of orange slices and mangoes on the label, this flavor's packaging is also our favorite of the line. Compared with their first effort at this product, Crayons has added more visual emphasis to the functionality, which still includes vitamins and fiber, and they have given it a more marketable name in “D-Fense.” On the other hand, it now might not be clear whether “D-Fense” or “Outrageous Orange Mango” is the name of the product. Still, that’s a very minor concern and this is still our favorite flavor from Crayons.


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8 fl oz

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