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Last Updated: 5/31/2001 6:09 PM

Cult Energy Drink is a potent and full flavored guarana drink. The flavor of this beverage is quite interesting -- it almost tastes like cola. Plus, it has plenty guarana (320mg). The combination of the cola-like flavor and the guarana makes for a truly flavorful energy drink. If you want an energy drink that has a nice berry flavor with not a lot of caffeine aftertaste, give Cult Energy Activator a try.


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Functional: Energy Drink: Regular


8.2oz can

Nutritional Info

110 calories, 0mg of sodium, 29 grams of carbs (sugar 28g), 80mg of caffeine, total fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, protein 0g. ALL NATURAL!


Sparkling filtered water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavor, guarana extract (with caffeine), fruit and vegetable juices for natural color, panax ginseng extract.

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