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Last Updated: 2/4/2009 1:47 PM

There's a lot of flavor in this 66% juice based drink, starting with the very tart flavor of black currant juice. Following on that, are strawberry, kiwi, and elderberry, which add some sweet and additional tartness to the mix. It's a very natural taste, delivering straight up fruit flavor that's very true to nature. The body is somewhat thick, although certainly not at a smoothie level, and that, combined with the tartness, require this drink to be consumed slowly. Our biggest beef with the product is the calorie (320 per bottle) and carbohydrate (82g per bottle) count, which seems at odds with the drink's attempts to cast itself as a healthy antioxidant laden product. Otherwise, trace amounts of natural vitamins and added vitamin C (360% per bottle) offer some nutrition. Packaging is good, technically speaking, making use of vibrant black currant graphics to help pull the consumer in. However, whereas images of other well marketed fruits (like the pomegranate) help create buyers, the lack of marketing behind the black currant might confuse or otherwise turn off potential drinkers. That, above all, is the biggest challenge for this product.


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