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Last Updated: 2/23/2012 10:32 AM

While we prefer the other two flavors over this one, Dahlicious Lassi’s Oregon Strawberry is a very well executed yogurt based beverage. The base yogurt mixture (including its 15 billion live probiotics) has a bit more impact on the flavor of this variety than the others, which is likely the result of the natural acidity that is contained in strawberries heightening the sourness of the yogurt. However, the fact that the strawberry flavor tastes exactly like real strawberries (which is what they use) helps us get over this and ultimately gives the product a very fresh and authentic flavor. The 7 oz. PET packaging is appealing and whets the palate, while the bright red color and strawberry image make it extremely easy to figure out the flavor of the product. We think that’s especially important for a probiotic based product like this as it helps make the product feel approachable and helps give confidence that what’s inside the bottle is going to be satisfying and palatable.


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