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Last Updated: 3/9/2010 10:28 AM

Billed as “the fusion of diet and science”, Dience (that’s a “d” for diet and “ience” for science) features a carbonated formulation and a pleasant tasting orange mango flavor. Thanks to the use of ace-k, stevia (Reb A) and sucralose, the product has minimal sweetener aftertaste and zero calories. With the added functional ingredients, the product drinks very much like an energy drink, with a mild bite that’s clearly the result these ingredients. However, there’s no caffeine, with the brand instead going with green tea polyphenols, vitamins, prebiotic fiber, taurine, chromium, and amino acids. Since this isn’t the type of product where you feel the effects immediately, it’s good that the product’s flavor is quite drinkable and satisfying. Packaging is a 16 oz. can, which again makes it look and feel very much like an energy drink. Aesthetically, we’re not big fans of this product, both because the “Dience” name doesn’t work for us (it sounds like the merger of “die” and “science”) and because the package is very cluttered. Furthermore, it’s hard to quickly understand what this product is selling (we had to read both the can and their web site to get it). That’s something that could be corrected through better type treatment and/or a better name. Overall, there’s definitely some good stuff here, but there are still a variety of things that need improvement.


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