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Last Updated: 9/21/2007 11:54 AM

As far as fruit flavored energy drinks go, this one is definitely a good one, although it uses a flavor that we've seen several times before. There's a sweet orange citrus flavor in here which, for having no calories, carbs, or juice, tastes fairly natural. DNA Citrus Sugar free also has a moderate amount of energy flavor, with the majority of it coming as part of the artificial sweetener finish, which is about average for the category. Packaging is reasonably good, with a clean front panel that would be improved if brighter colors were used (especially for the logo). As for the "DNA" brand, it's an innocuous name that fits the mold of the other players. The big question is whether or not the market has room for one more. Overall, above average taste and appearance.


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Functional: Energy Drink: Diet


16 fl oz (473ml) can

Nutritional Info

calories 0,fat 0,sodium 4%,total carbohydrate 0,sugar0,protien 0,inositol 100mg,vitamin B6 100%,vitamin B12 100%,folate 100%,taurine 1000mg,caffeine 100mg PER SERVING


Carbonated water,naturaland artificial flavors,brominated vegetable oil,glyceryl abletate,taurine,citric acid,malic acid,inositol,caffeine,salt,sodium citrate,sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate(preservatives),sucralose,acesulfame,potassium,guarana seed extract,pyridoxine,hydrochloride,folic acid,cyanocobaiamine,yellow#5 yellow#6

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