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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

All Dr. Chao Herbal Drinks are made and bottled in the USA. The herbs used in Dr Chao Herbal Drink series developed and first used over 130 years ago by Dr. Baoyin Chao, a famous Chinese Herbal Physician.The drinks are now made with 100% all natural, unpolluted herbs, containing zero caffeine, zero calories, zero sugar.

Dr. Chao Herbal Line includes:

Dr. Chao Herbal Stress Reliever Drink: Helps to alleviate the following symptoms caused by stress such as: Frequent headaches, irritability, insomnia, back pain, frequent urination, depression, neck ache, diarrhea, and muscle spasms.

Dr. Chao Herbal Detox Lady Drink: Excretes toxic substances from the body, improves facial skin and relives menstrual pain, and reduces weight.

Dr. Chao Herbal Adult Drink: Helps maintain good sexual health by nourishing sexual glands, enhances health production of sexual hormones, and helps recover from sexual weakness

Dr. Chao Herbal 21 Drink: Helps to relive intoxication and symptoms commonly associated with hangovers such as:headache, dehydration, nausea, and dizziness caused by excessive alcohol consumption; protect the liver and stomach, balance the body metabolism and speed up the excretion of alcohol.


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