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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

The Company

We seperate liquid yummies from mass assortments of exotic fruits. These clear fluids are harvested by a multicoloured army o beady eyed creatures then sold as our Energy-Drink; DrinkMe. After scrupulously collecting all possible combinations of Colour-molecules from our exotic fruits we use them to tint the cans, website, heavy-machinery in our factories, an occasional employee, and our merch.

The Can

DrinkMe collector cans have been lovingly crafted in our subterranean factories by the most cunning members of our multi coloured monster workforce. Each can is tightly wrapped in a stencil, then dropped into a vat of Colour-molecules (a special dye harvested from the fruit). The cans are left to develop in the dark until properly aged. This gives them their unique colour and texture.

The Brand

The Brand was discovered on a diving mission in an undisclosed location somwhere in the Atlantic. "It actually approached us." One of the sales representatives later told reporters. "It asked for directions to El Segundo. We gave them to the best of our ability, and eventually our relationship grew." DrinkMe declined to comment on the matter but assured interviewers that it would continue populating store shelves with new and exciting tastes.

The Drink

DrinkMe is brewed exclusively with the highest quality exotic fruits scrupulously gathered by our army of beady eyed creatures from uncharted jungles and forests around the world, and Mars. Decades of intense scientific research have yielded the perfect recipe for a crystal clear beverage designed to stimulate the senses, and rocket man to the moon.


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