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Last Updated: 2/14/2014 11:15 AM

This blend of Drink Me includes a USDA Organic blend of coconut water, kale, lime juice, coconut meat and mint. It’s a “cold blended” and HPP product, which, at least from a flavor perspective, definitely helps keeps it fresh-tasting. Unlike other green juices, this product uses whole kale, including the pulp, so the green flavor is a bit more pronounced; there are also kale bits throughout the liquid. In addition, the company kept the sweetness to a very light level (10g per bottle) via the exclusion of apples or any other sweet fruit. The blend is very successful and enjoyable, with the kale, lime, and coconut flavors being very balanced. We do not, unfortunately, really taste the mint. On the outside, it’s very obvious that it’s a green juice product. The 15.2 oz. squat bottle is a nice change from the taller and sleeker bottle formats used by much of the competition. As far as the label is concerned, we think there’s still some work left to do. Specifically, the design of the logo leaves something to be desired, both from a pure aesthetic perspective and in fitting with the text on the front panel. If the company could clean it up and make the brand more appealing, we think it's got more than a fighting chance of making this a success.


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15.2oz Plastic

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