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Last Updated: 2/14/2014 11:15 AM

Drink Me’s Ruby is the lone flavor of the line that isn’t green in color. This, as you can probably guess from looking at the color of the liquid, is the result of beets as well as raspberries being added to the mix. Like the rest of its products, this one contains whole kale and oranges, with all of the ingredients “cold blended” and high pressure processed. From a taste perspective, the product has a pretty viscous body that’s more along the lines of a smoothie than a juice product. It’s a little tricky to consume, with the chew of the pulp and the potency of the flavor making it something that you’ll probably have to sip. Call it personal preference, but we definitely feel as though this product would be more marketable if it were a bit more thin. Still, we appreciate the concept and what the company is trying to do. On the appearance front, this flavor definitely has a bit more pop than the others. The red background looks nice against the dark red liquid, while the use of a white font is easy to read. In addition, we like the prominence of the name “Ruby.” However, we’re still left feeling as though the company could do more with the label. The fonts for the flavor name and ingredients seem like a completely different style than the Drink Me logo. And there’s something about its logo that’s just not overly appealing to the eye. Changing this, rather than trying to get the rest of the label to conform, is the course that we’d suggest. Overall, a unique product, but it feels rough around the edges.


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