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Last Updated: 10/15/2010 9:45 AM

In tandem with the launch of their new label design, Dry Soda has also introduced a new flavor, Blood Orange, to their lineup. While it would be hard for us to identify this as blood orange (it's not as tart as blood oranges are), it's still a very well executed orange flavored soda with enjoyable orange flavor. Like the other Dry Soda flavors, it lacks color and is only lightly sweetened, which makes for something that's clean and crisp in the mouth. And last, but not least, there's the newly designed label. Sticking with their minimalist roots, Dry has created something that has a very nice visual presence, with a small splash of color and white lettering on the front of the bottle. There are only four words on the label, but it effectively communicates what this product is all about. In addition, we like the placement of "50 calories" on the neck of the bottle -- that's definitely a key selling point. Overall, Dry Blood Orange Soda is a very well executed addition to the Dry Soda lineup.


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Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


12 oz Glass

Nutritional Info

calories 50, total fat 0g, sugars 14g


pure cane sugar, purified carbonated water, natural extract flavoring, phosphoric acid

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