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Eclipse Beverages Sparkling Iced Tea

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Last Updated: 6/18/2008 8:20 AM

For being sucralose sweetened and strawberry flavored (two things that are particularly hard to get right), they've done a pretty nice job formulating this product. There's a decent dose of tea flavor to the mix and almost no sweetener aftertaste. The light carbonation gives the product an adult style feeling in your mouth, while the strawberry flavor is extremely natural tasting (it's from "strawberries", which we're assuming means it's derived from actual strawberries rather than strawberry flavoring). Unfortunately, the product's main issue is packaging and positioning, which currently makes it look like a generic attempt at a premium CSD. We don't see any merit to the use of this bottle and the lack of a logo on the front panel is quite confusing. Hopefully these are issues that can be easily remedied in future versions of the product.


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Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Diet


12 oz glass

Nutritional Info

8oz 90cal, fat 0. protein 0, carbohydrates 24g


carbonated water, organic cane sugar, organic black tea,natural flavor, lemon

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