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Last Updated: 8/3/2010 10:05 AM

Elevate is a sugar sweetened enhanced water beverage that features inulin, a form of soluble fiber. From a flavor perspective, the product has a leg up on competing flavor waters that rely upon artificial sweeteners. It’s relatively mild, with only 50 calories per 16.9 ounce bottle, although the lemon flavor tastes very much like flavoring. For us, the flavor is good, but not good enough that we wouldn’t drink it unless it were specifically for the drink’s fiber content (6g per bottle). On the outside, the product has a pretty busy looking bottle, which, thanks to the two tone color scheme of green and blue, is somewhat hard to read the word “Elevate.” Otherwise, they’ve made the product’s function obvious, with “fiber” placed in two locations on the label. Placing exactly how many grams OR the total RDA of fiber per bottle on the front of the label might help, especially if they removed some of the extraneous text that’s on the label. Overall, the fiber benefit is clearly this product’s biggest selling point, but the average flavor and packaging could be improved upon.


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