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Last Updated: 6/24/2009 9:42 AM

The second acai flavor in the Elite Naturel lineup is this one, which blends acai, pomegranate, apple, and black mulberry juices (all of which are organic). Flavor is enjoyable, with pomegranate and mulberry providing the majority of the flavor, while acai and apple notes hit your tongue on the finish. The mulberry juice in particular gives the product its own unique flavor compared to drinks that are currently on the US market, which is certainly a plus. However, we’re not really sure how it will do in a 4.2 oz. size. On the one hand, it makes for a lower calorie portion, but on the other hand, it seems like the price point and value might be a bit skewed. As far as the packaging is concerned, we like the look of the 4.2 oz. bottle, but it seems a bit confusing to have two products labeled “ACAI.” That’s the type of thing that could easily be missed or confused. Overall, a nice tasting product, but we have some concerns about the packaging size and the name of the product.


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Juice: Juice Drink


4.2 oz

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55 Calories, Fat 0g, Sodium 5mg, Total Carb 16g, sugars 14g, Fiber 1g, Protein .1g, Potassium 150mg


100% Organic Pomegranate Juice, 100% Organic Acai Pulp, 100% Organic Black Mulberry Juice, 100% Organic Apple Juice

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