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Last Updated: 10/5/2009 1:19 PM

The Berry “Alert!” variety of Emergen-C Shot is the energy and focus blend. From a flavor perspective, this product has a rather tart fruit flavor (enhanced with blueberry juice powder and raspberry juice powder) that’s been sweetened with 6g of sugar. The resulting non-carbonated mix is very sweet. Functionally, the product has Emergen-C’s standard 1000mg of vitamin C, plus it contains a bevy of vitamins and minerals as well as Emergen-C’'s “Energy and Focus Complex.” This adds D-Ribose, green tea extract (the source of caffeine), taurine, L-theanine, cayenne pepper, and a host of other ingredients that are often found in energy drinks. Functionally, it seems to have less caffeine kick than some of the more potent shots that are coming to the market, but it has a sense of credibility that is lacking from some of the aggressive looking products in the category. In that sense, this product’'s use of the Emergen-C brand is likely to make it have appeal with people who aren'’t currently consumers of energy shots, especially if the product manages to get itself retailed somewhere other than the front counter of c-stores. Packaging is a 2.5 oz. hot fill bottle with a nice-looking sleeve wrap label. On the other hand, calling the product “Alert!” isn’t as impactful as simply calling it “Energy”, as that’s a word that consumers are clearly seeking. Overall, a flavorful and functional product, but we think that emphasizing the energy benefit a bit more would help this sell.


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