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Last Updated: 9/14/2010 10:30 AM

What’s inside this bottle isn’t really tea, but a USDA Organic certified mixture of cassia bark (aka cinnamon), lemon (juice and oil), ginger root, water, and palm sugar. While it has some tea-like qualities, the product’s flavor is actually much more unique and innovative. The base of the product has a mellow, but slightly spicy, cinnamon and ginger flavor that stays smooth and balanced thanks to the use of palm sugar (which has a slight molasses note). The lemon juice and oil give the product a slight citrus flavor, but it lacks that citrus bite that is typically found in lemon-flavored teas. To us, this product is a very enjoyable alternative to tea or herbal tea products, with a complex flavor that still manages to feel relatively light in the mouth. Packaging is a standard 16 oz. bottle and a standard paper label. They’ve done some things right, like calling a lot of attention to the fact that it’s organic and has a low glycemic index. On the other hand, the aesthetics could be improved upon, with lots of different type treatments and a multicolored gradient background. The result is something that doesn’t have close to the same shelf presence as the products that this brand will compete with. Overall, we really like what’s inside the bottle, but the design of the label is something that needs an overhaul.


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