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Last Updated: 2/23/2009 10:28 AM

The Sparkling Apple flavor of Envy is one of the better executed flavors in the lineup, the result of the sweeter apple flavor taking charge over the other juices that are used in the drink. Carbonating it helps as well, allowing the drink to have a crisp finish that’s reminiscent of biting into an apple. On the other hand, sparkling apple juice doesn’t feel overly sophisticated or original at this point. While it’s a perfectly good tasting product, the chic look of the packaging might have consumers expecting a twist or something different than what’s inside the can. Otherwise, there’s nothing in this product that would warrant choosing this over one of the other companies in this space.


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Juice: Sparkling Juice


8.3 oz can

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100% Juice (Filtered Sparkling Water Sufficient to reconstitute juice concentrates, apple, pear, and grape juice concentrates) calcium lactate, natural flavor, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), fruit and vegetable juice (color), vitamin A palmitate and vitamin D3.

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