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Last Updated: 6/13/2011 3:04 PM

EVR (presumably pronounced “ever”), is a resveratrol enhanced beverage that is sweetened with evaporated cane juice and stevia (rebiana). The product, which also has a very similar tasting grape flavor, has a very watery taste and a pomegranate flavor that hardly tastes like the real thing. Then there’s the stevia flavor, which is rather harsh. Furthermore, we’ve tasted zero calorie erythritol and stevia blends that are more palatable than this product’s formulation. That said, we’d either take this drink down to zero calories or bump up the sugar content higher so that the drink has a more natural sweetness (60 calories seems like a reasonable place to be). Functionally, the product has 30mg of “ultra pure resveratrol” per bottle and 20 percent RDA of Vitamin E per serving. It’s hard to say where this product stands relative to other resveratrol enhanced beverages. The packaging is the drink’s strongest attribute, with a fully wrapped 16 oz. PET bottle that’s sure to catch some eyes. The clean looking logo definitely has promise, while we really like the use of the fruit as both a graphic and accent color. Still, what’s inside the bottle definitely needs some work.


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16 oz PET

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