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Last Updated: 5/19/2005 8:34 AM

Apple & Blueberry Juice Drink has a very unique flavor to it -- primarily due to the use of blueberry juice/flavor. It's quite good and different than the juice drinks that we are used to as we've seen very few blueberry flavored juice cocktails. Overall, it's quite good -- fruity, sweet, and clean. Not too mention that it looks good as well. UPDATE - MAY, 2005: It's hard to believe they've taken the sugar out of this now, because it's sweet, refreshing, and still has a great blueberry aftertaste. Apple-blueberry is a tough flavor to pull off but Feel Good has done it with skill and aplomb. And the packaging still looks great.


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Juice: Fruit Juice


375 ml glass

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Water, fruit extract, fruit juices from concentrate 20% (apple, juice 10%, orange juice 8.5%, blueberry juice 1%, lemon 0.5%), natural flavours, vitamin C, natural stabilisers (pectin and carob gum), rosehip extract, natural colour (natural fruit and plant extracts), ginseng extract

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