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Like all of Fentiman’s products, Cherry Tree Cola is a premium carbonated soft drink that uses fermented ingredients (in this case, fermented ginger root extract) to create an enjoyable and sophisticated flavor. As far as colas go, the product is sweet, but not too sweet, with a clean cola flavor that’s followed by a splash of cherry. The carbonation is just right, which keeps it from having too much bite (or spilling out of the bottle when you open it). The proprietary glass packaging is very eye catching and unique, giving the bottle a much more premium feel than those that use stock long neck bottles. The name, Cherry Tree, comes from a marketing agreement between Fentiman’s and Cherry Tree Records (part of Universal Music Group). While that probably won’t be apparent to most people who see the product, the name and the graphic that’s used give the product a slight edge and playfulness. Overall, we haven’t seen too many independent brands take a stab at a cherry cola, but Fentiman’s has done a great job.


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Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


9.3 oz Glass

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