Fighting Cock

by Fighting Cock Energy, LLC

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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

At the helm of FCE are three energetic business professionals with over 30 years of combined sales and marketing success with a vision for a worldwide brand.

Unique to FCE is its branding ability and power. No other brand on the market has the capacity to seduce the consumer with unavoidable humor that creates a desire for this new, and certain to explode, energy drink.

Unlike the wave of second-hand knockoffs to hit shelves in recent years, FCE is a premium brand and is made from the highest quality ingredients. FCE provides that kick that fighters, both literally and figuratively, are looking for in a taste that is undeniably great.

With our comprehensive marketing background and knowledge of the new generation of consumers, FCE is poised to win. We have an unrivaled understanding of what motivates our demographic to buy and are on the front lines every day promoting our brand.

FCE is contagious, fun, and effortless. It provides a level of consumer interactivity currently unknown to the beverage industry. We know that you will recognize the enticement that FCE presents and challenge you to participate in not just trying a great product, but spread the energetic moxie that is Fighting Cock.

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