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Unlike Fire Blade’s energy shot, which felt like it had some original -- albeit ever so slight -- attributes, Fire Blade energy drink feels very much like a “me too” product (the company even named it "classic”). Inside the can, you’ll find a formulation that tastes similar to Red Bull or any other mainstream energy drink. And if you’ve had one “classic” energy drink, you’ve had them all. Otherwise, there’s really nothing to say about the flavor of the product. The same goes for the functional formulation. It has exactly what you'd expect, including B vitamins, amino acids and caffeine. Unfortunately, originality is also an issue when we examine the product’s branding and labeling. Specifically, the design of the product feels very much like a cliché energy drink, with masculine and aggressive branding that could easily be forgotten amongst the sea of similar brands of come before it. All of the above being said, how does Fire Blade think that this product is going to be successful in the market? The only option we see is to come in at a lower price point, but that’s a losing proposition against the larger brands. Ultimately, we feel as though this product is making the same mistake that literally hundreds of other brands have made in the past. Overall, we think this brand is going to be in for a rude awakening if it tries to make a push in the U.S. with this product.


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