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Fire Blade Silver shot is a 2 oz. non-carbonated energy shot that is sweetened with sugar and sucralose. From a taste perspective, it's slightly better than your standard fare energy shot with a flavor that basically tastes like a concentrated energy drink. It's meant to be consumed chilled, a departure from the standard energy shot, which is sold and served at ambient temperature. All of those things having been said, this product could, at least in theory, be a decent bolts on sale for consumers of their energy drink. However, getting a loyal following at this stage of the energy drink category is going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Functionally, the product is very much what we’ve come to expect from products in this category, with B vitamins, amino acids and caffeine making up the functional cocktail. Packaging, on the other hand, is the most unique part about this product. It has the shape and size that's very similar to the battery-shaped container of the failed Red Bull energy shot. As for the branding and design of the label, it feels very much like a generic entry. The name Fire Blade is aggressive and masculine, and, at this stage of the category, it feels more like noise than a real brand. Overall, Fire Blade energy shot is a decent entry into the category. Unfortunately, however, we think it will be really difficult for this product to stand out.


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2oz Plastic

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