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Last Updated: 11/29/2004 6:57 AM

Backdraft Rootbeer is certainly one of the strongest brand names in the Firefighter line. Like all the products in the line, Backdraft Rootbeer carries the Haz-Mat Free logo. This states that the product uses: natural flavors, 25% less sugar (than other leading brands), no high-fructose corn syrup, and very low sodium. These elements make the product a worthy addition to the marketplace. Firefighter Brands has successfully a great tasting product with attractive packaging and an inspiring call to action for the consumer.


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Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


20 fl oz PET

Nutritional Info

Serving size 8 fl oz;
servings per container 2.5;
calories 90;
total fat 0 g;
sodium 10 mg;
total carb. 22 g;
sugars 22 g;
protein 0 g


Carbonated water, sucrose, caramel color, potassium benzoate (to protect flavor), citric acid, natural flavor, caffeine, and sucralose.

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