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Last Updated: 10/28/2010 1:01 PM

Despite the name name implying otherwise, Flatt Cola isn't really flat cola. What's inside the can is a nice tasting sugar sweetened cola, which has a bit of spice to its finish. As a cola, it's a nice tasting offering, with a smoother and more complex flavor than the mainstream brands. They've enhanced the product with 85mg of caffeine, but that is the only ingredient that they've added to the product. So in essence, this product is really more of a caffeine enhanced CSD rather than what would typically classify as an energy drink in today's market. It's hard to say whether this approach will work, especially when you consider the fact that countless cola flavored energy drinks and caffeine enhanced colas have failed to make a big impact. And of course, the fact that cola is the poster child for the troubles in the CSD category won't help an upstart that's using cola as their only SKU. As far as the product's packaging goes, Flatt's design is something that jumps out at you, with an orange backdrop that they've filled with a ton of original illustrations. However, it all seems rather random, including the product's "everyday world domination" tagline. Clearly, they are trying to create something that feels fun — but the Flatt brand name and design seem at odds with the rest of the can's design. Overall, it's an interesting effort, but we question the idea of launching a company based upon a single cola flavored product.


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